About Benjamin Sielen

With more than 15 years’ experience in the financial-securities industry, Benjamin Sielen has held key positions at several major firms, including First Union Securities, Wachovia Securities, and Wells Fargo Securities, all in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Wells Fargo, which purchased Wachovia’s banking and other assets in 2008, he acted as Director, handling risk management, including orchestrating the inclusion of products into the company’s risk systems with IT (information technology) professionals. At the company, Benjamin Sielen also assisted issuers of debts and high-grade corporate bonds.

A graduate of Marquette University, where he played on the hockey team while completing a B.S. in Finance, the financial-sector executive accepted his first position in the field as a Fixed-Income Sales Assistant for Everen Securities, based in Chicago. In this capacity, Benjamin Sielen worked with clients to assess their portfolios and recommend investments, such as municipal and corporate bonds; preferred stock; and agent-, government-, and asset-backed securities. When First Union Securities acquired Everen, Mr. Sielen became a convertible-bond trader at the new firm. Subsequently, First Union also acquired Wachovia Securities, retaining the name, where Mr. Sielen earned a promotion to the post of corporate bond trader and Vice President.

When not following the bond market or researching investments, Benjamin Sielen supports causes that raise awareness and money for research on autism. Additionally, Mr. Sielen donates significantly to the United Way of Central Carolinas. An avid golfer, he also enjoys baseball and still follows hockey.


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